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The nature of work and the skill requirements of the workforce in South Australia have changed since the Training and Skills Development Act 2008 (SA) (T&SD Act) was enacted more than 10 years ago, and it now requires an update to better support the growth of future industries, automation and digitisation.

The review of the T&SD Act responds to key recommendations from the Training and Skills Commission’s Skills for Future Jobs 2020 Series: Future-proofing the Apprenticeship and Traineeship System report. This report canvassed the views of a range of stakeholders on how well the apprenticeships and traineeship system works and whether it meets contemporary needs.

The TaSC’s Future-proofing review and the review of the T&SD Act are important pillars for supporting the Government’s objective to create more than 20,800 additional apprenticeships and traineeship places over four years through the Skilling South Australia initiative; which will support more South Australians into meaningful, long-term careers.

The review of the T&SD Act is also aimed at ensuring businesses and industries at the forefront of innovation and cutting-edge technologies have access to a skilled workforce.

The T&SD Act provides the framework for skills development and training delivery in South Australia, it defines the role of the Training and Skills Commission, the Training Advocate and Minister with responsibility for training and skills development.

The T&SD Act also sets the regulatory framework for apprenticeships and traineeships.

The review will consider improvements to the TSD Act in relation to:

  • Streamlining business requirements and processes under the T&SD Act, for example, in relation to employer registration, and training contracts and training plans
  • Ensuring the rights and responsibilities of the apprentice, employer and training provider are clear under the T&SD Act
  • Ensuring the protections under the T&SD Act for parties to a training contract (employers, apprentices and trainees) are working and that the T&SD Act’s dispute resolution processes are effective
  • Whether penalties in the T&SD Act are properly targeted and proportionate and how compliance functions around apprenticeships and traineeships should be handled
  • Flexibilities in relation to pathways to an apprenticeship or traineeship and to trade certifications
  • Whether the T&SD Act provides appropriately for Group Training Organisations (GTOs) as distinct from other employers
  • The role of training contracts in relation to skill sets of micro-credentials.


Provide feedback

We are seeking your feedback and ideas on how the Training and Skills Development Act 2008 (SA) can be refreshed and updated to ensure it provides an effective framework for skills and workforce development in South Australia.

All feedback on the Issues Papers has been analysed and a Consultation Outcomes Report will be prepared and released in the coming months. The information provided by stakeholders will be taken into account in preparing recommendations for the Minister for Innovation and Skills about the form and content of the new legislation. An Exposure Draft of the resulting Bill is scheduled to be released for consultation.

Consultation on the Issues Papers has closed.

The Department will invite submissions on the exposure draft bill once this has been finalised. Consultation on the exposure draft bill will be for four weeks after which time the Consultation Outcomes Report will be released.


Issues Paper 1 - Governance and regulation

Provide feedback about the functions, roles and responsibilities within the T&SD Act.

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Issues Paper 2 - Promoting new apprenticeship and traineeship pathways

Help shape the T&SD Act to support the diversity of training approaches required in a changing economy.

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Issues Paper 3 - Responsive legislation

Help to ensure the obligations for apprentices, trainees, employers and training providers are clear.

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Issues Paper 4 - Modern, best practice legislation

Have your say in how the T&SD Act can better cater to participants in vocational educational and training.

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