Department of State Development
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Simar SinghName: Simar Singh

What were the highlights of your graduate program?

A personal highlight was meeting the other graduates and forming networks with other colleagues. The department is so diverse, and everyone is so welcoming and willing to take the time to help you settle. I have also been given the opportunity to perform tasks that are of high value to the department and my advice as a graduate have been taken into consideration in making the decisions.

What was the most interesting piece of work you contributed to as a graduate?

One of the most interesting pieces of work that I was involved was the development of the overhead allocation model for the budget process. This was a new model that was developed with the assistance of an external consultancy firm. This project provided me with the opportunity to work with people across the organisation and externally. It helped me build relationships and at the same time learn about the budgeting process.

How did the graduate program support you in developing your career and securing further employment?

During the graduate program I attained Certificate IV in Government and undertook other formal training. I was assigned with a mentor who offered me career advice along with helping me with my resume and job applications. I was also supported and encouraged by my manager to start the CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) program, which is a pathway to become a qualified accountant.

What do you enjoy most about working for the department?

The constant support, guidance and warmth shown to me by my supervisors and colleagues; the range of training and development opportunities available throughout the graduate program; and great work/life balance and regular appreciation for my contribution to the department.

Do you have any advice for graduates looking to start their public-sector careers with the department?

The graduate program at the department was an amazing experience that provided a kick start to my career. I have been exposed to a wide variety of work in the department, which has provided me with a very thorough learning experience.