Department of State Development
Applications for our 2020 Graduate Program are now closed

Name: Jane LiewJane Liew

What were the highlights of your graduate program?

I enjoyed the rotations as working in different divisions of the Department provided me opportunities to learn new skills and work on interesting projects. Meeting a variety of people also helped me to understand the vast range of roles that are available in the public sector.

What was the most interesting piece of work you contributed to as a graduate?

I was placed in the Business Transformation team to work on the transformation of TAFE SA into a statutory corporation. It was fascinating to learn from experienced project directors on how to manage such a large project. I was trusted to work on the transfer of intellectual property from the Department to TAFE SA.

How did the graduate program support you in developing your career and securing further employment?

The Graduate Program provided training sessions and graduate mentors that helped me to better understand working for the public sector and the mindset required. Hearing experiences of previous graduates particularly provided us insight into how to navigate the public sector and understand the different pathways into further employment.

What do you enjoy most about working for the department?

I enjoy being part of a dynamic Department that is constantly innovating to grow the State’s economy. Through my work I have grown a passion for startups and entrepreneurship and met inspiring people which has encouraged me to help my husband launch a side business.

Do you have any advice for graduates looking to start their public-sector careers with the department?

Build up networking skills! I was very shy at the beginning of my career but I’ve now learnt to be bold and meet new people at events because you can learn things from people that you can’t from reading their LinkedIn profiles. Also, former graduates are always happy to provide insights or advice so feel free to reach out at anytime.