Department of State Development
Applications for our 2020 Graduate Program are now closed

Name: Daliborka PupovacDali Pupovac

What have been the highlights of your graduate program?

Getting an overall understanding about the operations of the Department, especially financial management. I have also enjoyed meeting and working with the professionals who proudly serve the people of South Australia.

What type of professional development opportunities have you taken part in?

I have taken part in the graduate development program coordinated by the Department, undertaking a Certificate IV in Project Management Practice, meeting with my mentor, on-the-job training in financial management systems, and online training in courses such as work health and safety, public sector fundamentals, and our Code of Ethics.

What has been the most interesting piece of work you’ve contributed to as a graduate?

It is difficult to pick one interesting piece but being involved in the preparation of the end of year financial statements and working on the statistical data reporting for the Department’s Annual Report were the most interesting and the most responsible tasks I contributed to.

What do you enjoy most about working for the department?

Working in a supportive team environment and performing the tasks I like the most (working with numbers), preparing financial and statistical reports, and financial analysis and budgeting. I also enjoy working with our external customers and attending events where our customers meet with many government agencies and obtain the information they need.

Do you have any advice for graduates looking to start their public-sector careers with the department?

Since commencing work in the public sector, I have realised that networking is very valuable. It provides an opportunity to meet others both in our Department and other government agencies and identify potential ways you can work together. If you are successful in being selected for the program, always show initiative, ask a lot of questions and say YES to new responsibilities and opportunities as this will help you learn new skills and build your employee profile.